How I moved my blog from Ghost to Hexo

I used to use a self-hosted Ghost blogging platform the last two years. I managed to ship it with my own theme and a few applications, even though they were experimental. The version 0.11 is abandoned now as its LTS support expired on 20th of March 2017. I also had a lot of problems with updating to the 1.0 branch, so I decided to move on to Hexo - a static page generator.

A short journey from cutting edge to legacy

Working with the latest technology is challenging not only when you touch it, but even more so when you don't.

I had a pleasure to work with a very dynamic team. Not only our cooperation with clients was changing, but our tooling and coding environment as well. It was a great opportunity to make experiments, so we used it regularly.

How to use Wercker to deploy Ghost on Dokku

Ghost is a blogging platform and a lightweight alternative to the Wordpress. It's written in NodeJS (which we all love), has a markdown-based editor, a very simple admin interface and yet is highly customizable. This make Ghost my platform of choice.