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the game called Replace Assumption. It’s my favourite game and is the best when your opponent doesn’t know she/he is part of the game. You are warned, so we do not score this one. We can treat it as introduction. So fun starts with question. Who would win: Superman or Batman?

A first assumption is they are kind of warriors and they will fight using weapons or punches. What if they were not about to fight, but for example do crosswords? Or Scrabble? I heard that Bruce Wayne is really good in word games and Kent Clark is a reporter, so duel would be interesting. Or it will not be even actual game, but question like who would first drink espresso. I assume that kryptonite is made from coffee beans and Batman don’t like to drink coffee before 1pm, so actually you might be the winner every morning.

A second assumption is they even want to compete. Maybe they are too busy enough with their normal activity to think about standing against another superhero. Or they pretend to ignore each other and miss every opportunity for confrontation. Or share goals and cooperate without any kind of rivalry.

A third assumption is that I should know who they are. I’m sorry, I’ve spent years in dark cave without any contact with culture and I have no idea who super man is and never heard about this Bat-something. Or I know every single detail about Batman life, but have no clue what are features of Superman.

Another assumption, quite popular, is that I care about result. I assume author of scenario has full control over situation and could make two alternative endings, both equally true and official. Or being spectator of duel I can imagine alternative ending and I prefer my version. Or I am Superman fanboy and don’t accept any argument, which supports his defeat.

So, how do you like my game? Rules are simple and easy to remember. You don’t need a board nor cards. What you need is a question full of assumptions and the person who doesn’t expect any doubts about it.

I must say it’s difficult to play against people, who telling a girl she is beautiful like The Morning Sun need to add that the Sun is a star and there is place on Earth with a morning at this moment regardless what time is now. It’s also difficult against people who call you idiot after first turn, the game is over with undefined result. However, when you find right time and right question, fun is guaranteed.

Good luck!