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Draggable with a link

The unwanted behavior

We have a draggable item and a link inside. When a user grabs a link and tries to move it, browsers like Chrome or Firefox provide a default behavior. Thanks to that you can for example move a link to the Bookmarks bar. In our case, it’s something we would rather like to avoid.

See the Pen Drag a link with default behavior by Mateusz Derks (@ertrzyiks) on CodePen.

How to prevent it?

There is a Webkit-specific CSS property, which we can use to disable that behavior:

li[draggable="true"] a {
  -webkit-user-drag: none;

It works in Chrome and Safari, but not in others. Fortunately, we can explicitly disable draggable behavior on links using the same HTML attribute we used to enable it.

<a draggable="false" href="#">Link 1</draggable>

Now, draggable element looks nice even when link is the grabbed element:

See the Pen Drag a link - fixed by Mateusz Derks (@ertrzyiks) on CodePen.