Weekend on Mars

It could be possible now!

Last Thursday during a press conference the head of the Intergalactic Department of the IOC presented a project of a new spacecraft, which will allow us to visit distant parts of the Universe, explore The Unknown and bring a lot of The Something to the Earth to sell it for double the price.

A short journey from cutting edge to legacy

Working with the latest technology is challenging not only when you touch it, but even more so when you don't.

I had a pleasure to work with a very dynamic team. Not only our cooperation with clients was changing, but our tooling and coding environment as well. It was a great opportunity to make experiments, so we used it regularly.

Let's play

the game called Replace Assumption. It's my favourite game and is the best when your opponent doesn't know she/he is part of the game. You are warned, so we do not score this one. We can treat it as introduction. So fun starts with question. Who would win: Superman or Batman?