I do not write tests

and i'm proud of it.

I've spent plenty years on coding, invested a lot of time in developing products, wrote thousands of lines of code and all that without writing a single unit test. I felt skilful, productive and effective at my job. Of course I made many mistakes, but as long as they were easy to fix I treated them as a side effect of my work.

Lazy iteration with RxSwift

I am totally frontend guy and used to work on web frontends. Last weeks were time of dev experiment for my team. For me? The buzzer in my Challenge Detector is going to be quite tired soon.

Let's play

the game called Replace Assumption. It's my favourite game and is the best when your opponent doesn't know she/he is part of the game. You are warned, so we do not score this one. We can treat it as introduction. So fun starts with question. Who would win: Superman or Batman?

How to use Wercker to deploy Ghost on Dokku

Ghost is a blogging platform and a lightweight alternative to the Wordpress. It's written in NodeJS (which we all love), has a markdown-based editor, a very simple admin interface and yet is highly customizable. This make Ghost my platform of choice.

It works, I promise

With javascript it's quite common to experience uncommon things. Sometimes it's about wrong parameters, something is undefined or we write totally invalid code using valid syntax. Moreover asynchronous code gives us headache when nesting goes beyond two or three levels.